Martine Introduction

Michele was delighted when Martine joined the company as she had been trying to get her on board for three years! Martine is a stunning psychic who has an amazing ability to hone in without any information and gives you exact details on what is going on. She is brilliant at all types of readings and is shockingly good. Warm, accurate and fab, she is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. She can see feel and hear spirit. 10/10.

Here are just two of the testimonials you can see if you visit Martine’s profile page:

“Martine is 100% gifted in many different ways. Seconds after we swapped hello’s, she dived straight in with a burst of knowledge. She didn’t hesitate, and she answered my most important questions without me having to ask them. Within minutes of the reading, her gorgeous welsh accent and incredibly mature terminology, had spoken the truth, and the reality of my situation. Martine says it as it is. She is highly spiritual and she gave me insights to the future and I am very excited. Martine is a diamond star full of positivity, truth and faith.” Amethyst

“I was told I would be in a new job end of May early June, that it would be engineering sales/invoicing, working closely with one man at work, would possibly be a long-term appointment. All the above appear to match the interview content I just attended (within 48hrs of the reading the job opportunity presented itself; totally out of the blue). My reading with Martine left me feeling uplifted, I was impressed by her clarity and directness.” Val