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  • Abundance

    Learn about Quantum Creating, the Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering and discover how to tune into the abundance in your life.

  • Astrology

    Michele Knight’s unique and inspiring weekly takes on what’s happening for your sign, monthly astrological overviews and key events plus special guides to the archetypes of all signs.

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    Your favourite spiritual clips from around the world in one place.

  • Life inspiration

    Videos to lift your soul, boost your spirits and open your heart.

  • Love & Relationships

    Videos from Michele and experts including Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra exploring, healing and transforming your love life.

  • Psychic Skills

    Develop your own psychic skills in everything from reading Tarot to remote viewing.

  • Science & Spirituality

    Scientific explorations into spiritual matters. Dive into the quantum universe and watch cutting edge explorations into our fascinating cosmos.

  • Soul & Spirituality

    Delve into subjects including reincarnation and past lives and explore the world’s great spiritual traditions, from Shamanism to Buddhism.

  • Well Being

    Explore the spiritual approach to taking care of yourself and feeling great.

your favourite videos...

  • Native American 10 commandments

    Native American 10 commandments

    ‘All life is sacred. Treat all beings with respect’ and ‘Take from the earth what’s ...

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  • Krishnamurti – The Real Revolution – Part 1 of 2

    Krishnamurti – The Real Revolution – Part 1 of 2

    Spiritual guru Krishnamurti talks about what revolution means and what it involves. This is rare ...

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from our psychics...

  • Psychic Hazel

    Psychic Hazel

    Our psychic Hazel has a huge following and is very popular. She has a lovely warm ...

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  • Psychic Katherine

    Psychic Katherine

    Katherine has proved to be incredibly popular since joining us. She is young, honest and specific.

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