Michele Knight Psychic Kim

Kim is a clairvoyant Tarot reader. She has an amazing ability to pick up loads of the kind of detail at an incredibly deep, soul level that you can expect from one of my readers. When she did my test reading, she told me incredible deep details that no one else could know. We also tested her with one of my celebrity clients who was also blown away with the details. I am very excited that we found her!

Here are just two of the testimonials you can see if you visit Kim’s profile page:

“I had a reading with the brilliant Kim last year, and amongst other things she told me there would be a man with all silver/grey hair coming into my life. The man I was actually after at the time had dark brown hair so I was a little disappointed! About 4 months later I met a man who my friend introduced me to and guess what…he has silver/grey hair and we are now engaged! Thank you Kim, you have an amazing link and are truly gifted.” Lisa

“I had a reading with Kim a few months ago when I was looking for a new job. She predicted that in June I would be offered a marketing position for an American company in London and I would be managing several designers. She was spot on! It was a lovely reading!” Diana