Michele Knight Psychic Mary

Michele Knight introduces psychic reader Mary. Mary uses clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and mediumship. In her test reading, Michele felt as though she had stepped inside her head as she was able to tune into her and everyone in her life and talk down to the most minute detail about what was going on! She even repeated things that Michele had said only that morning.

Here are just two of the testimonials you can see if you visit Mary’s profile page:

“She went back years and I found out everything that I needed to know which has put my mind at rest and enabled me to move on. Mary’s lovely energy was with me all day after the reading. I would definately recommend Mary and will be calling her again in the future.” Caroline

“I called with Mary today as i wanted a bit of insight into my love life which has been causing me a bit of confusion of late. I was really impressed (and quite amazed) by the things Mary picked up on! First of all she described the cause of my confusion perfectly (that the man in question appeared to be too-ing and froo-ing a little bit!) and when she described this was due to insecurities relating to his relationship with his father, i was really blown away. I had wondered if this was something to do with the problems that keep coming up now – and the fact that Mary picked up on it has really put my mind at rest that i am doing nothing wrong and that with a bit of gentle honesty and calm patience i can hopefully coax him out of this sort of behaviour! On top of this Mary has a lovely calming and gentle energy, which really helped me as i felt quite nervous about having a reading before i called. She was a lovely lady and her insights have really helped clear my perspective. Thank you Mary!” Lindsay