Michele Knight Psychic Steve

Steve is a clairvoyant medium, has been a spiritual teacher for a number of years, is a Priest of Avalon, a Shamen, healer and can also move spirits on when necessary! He is an exceptional psychic who blew everyone away in his test reading. I highly recommend you try him.

Here are just two of the testimonials that you can see if you visit Steve’s profile page:

“I just had a reading with Steve and must leave some feedback, he tuned in immediately and mind-blowingly to what is going on with me on both a spiritual and emotional level, giving great validation that I’m on the right path. Steve has really helped me know, through linking with spirit, that the upsets I’ve been experiencing are all part and parcel of my spiritual and emotional growth. Steve is wonderful to speak with, I felt he truly got me as an individual- there were no platitudes or generalisations. Talking to him was like talking to an old friend; a very wise old friend! If you want a specific, empowering and compassionate reading, go for Steve, he’s very gifted and insightful. Thank you so much!” Lizzie

“I have just had a reading with Steve….AMAZING. Steve tuned in to me and my questions straight away and worked with my Nan who has passed over. Thank you for your skills and patience.” Sue