Michele Knight Psychic Miranda

Miranda is an extremely gifted psychic who specialises in relationship and bereavement issues.  You will find her sound advice will help you find a new future to look forward to. Miranda works with spirit guides who will work with your spirit guides to enable you to see clearly the way ahead.

Here are just two of the comments that you can see if you visit Miranda’s profile page:

“This was my first reading with Miranda but I have had lots of readings before. This one really blew me away as she was able to tell me so many details about special people in my life concerning their looks, their preferences, the way they interact with others, etc. without me telling anything. I have hardly ever had a reading that was as precise as this one. She gave me a detailed outlook for the future as well. Miranda did it all in a very nice and understanding manner. I can definitely recommend her!
If you use my comment please use my initials only. Thank you!” C

“I have just had a truly uplifting reading with Miranda and I thought of leaving some feedback for her. She is a very gifted and kind lady who has described in full details the character of my partner and my emotions at the moment too. She gave a detailed description of the character of my mother who passed away last year and gave me guidance regarding the situation with my partner. I would highly recommend her if you need some in depth information about a complicated situation and if you want to feel emotionally relieved of your doubts.” Annastasia