Michele Knight Psychic Rhiannon

A fantastic psychic clairvoyant who uses Tarot as a tool and has a totally modern approach, Rhiannon will amaze you.  She is a hereditary psychic from both sides. I love the way she gives detail and is not airy fairy.  I think she is brilliant and would not hesitate to recommend her.

Here are just two of the testimonials you can see if you visit Rhiannon’s page:

“I just wanna say this is my third reading with Rhiannon. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rhiannon. She is precise, kind, honest, frank.. She gives dates and if she can’t see something she is straight and will say so. Having said that, she can see everything. Rhiannon really does have a natural, gifted, talent. I feel so blessed to have come across her. Keep doing your thing girl. Rhiannon told me that my Librian would contact me via text and the communication will be a bit fragmented and that will take place mid March. on the 15th March that is exactly when I received my first bit of communication from my Librian. Since then I have had had communication all week. Rhiannon is absolutely fantastic… I definitely recommend her!” N

“I had a reading with Rhiannon at the end of April and of the nine specific things she told me, things she could not have guessed, seven have happened or I know they are going to, the other two are for later this year and the middle of next, I found her friendly, honest, gifted, and I will be speaking to her again in the not to distant future (as she probably knows).” Nina