Book of Life – Akashic Records – #1 A.R.E.

What if every word you have ever thought or spoken and everything that you have ever done was written down somewhere, along with all of your possible futures? Many spiritual traditions, including Buddhism and Christianity, talk about this kind of record being kept on all of us that is stored in a kind of celestial library. Some people call them Akashic Records. American clairvoyant Edgar Cacye believed that it was possible for people with psychic skills to access these records during psychic readings. Not only that, but Cacye also suggested that every single one of us also has access to those records. If you’ve ever had strong feelings that you can’t explain about someone you’ve only just met, you might be responding to information about them stored in the Akashic records without you even realising. Find out more about these extraordinary records and how you might be able to access them.