Fred Luskin, PhD: Forgiveness Is Trainable

Forgiveness is one of the most important spiritual practices that brings proven psychological and even physiological benefits, but can it be taught? Fred Luskin PhD reveals a four step process. Step one asks us to increase our gratitude and focus on what we have rather than what we feel is missing from our lives. He also says that we can literally learn to calm down our nervous systems to minimise the damaging effects of the stress chemicals that we produce when we can’t forgive. Thirdly, he suggests that it’s crucial to change our story. Especially damaging are those stories that paint us as helpless victims that can cause even more harm than whatever was done to us in the first place. Finally, he suggests that we need to address any sense of entitlement that we harbour that life should always be good, easy or go our way. Beyond these four steps, he talks about a mystical dimension that emerges and creates a profound and magical shift at the point where we actually forgive. Make your world a hate free zone and keep your heart open by adopting these four steps today.