What is for you will not pass you by

We’re often encouraged to set goals and go for it, but is there such a thing as wanting something too much? There is a major vibrational difference between being excited, enthusiastic and passionate about something and being desperate. We all have times when we experience desperation and longing, but this can actually work against us. We are at our most powerful when we maintain a high emotional vibration. If you catch yourself slipping over into desperation and longing, knowing that if something is meant to be yours it will be can help you make the shift back to trusting that all is well. It also stops us getting so fixated on the idea that only one thing can make us happy when the universe is working to deliver something that is actually even better than our wildest dreams. So, just for today, Michele Knight encourages you to release fear, relinquish control and embrace the idea that what is for you will not pass you by.