The extended mind – New evidence to explain telepathy etc

Researcher Rupert Sheldrake talks about current issues in the study of consciousness. He explains that the field of the mind, and in particular our consciousness that actually can’t be found in the brain, extends out far beyond the brain itself, much like the earth’s gravity field stretches out into space, beyond the earth itself. This extended field is what makes psychic phenomena such as ESP possible. He talks about how we can pick up that we are being looked at even when we can’t see the person looking at us, which is something people all over the world can do. Surprisingly, research shows that people can even sense when they are being watched through close circuit television. He also shows telephone telepathy tests that shows people are able to tune in and say who is on the other end of a phone. Watch this video to see Sheldrake talk about his extraordinary research in the field of consciousness and ESP.