Neale Donald- Walsh – Fear

Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations with God, talks about the impact of fear on our lives. According to Walsh, it’s the biggest problem that we face because it affects everything; all of our reactions, responses and choices. So what are we really afraid of? Walsh says that ultimately we’re all afraid of death, but if we understood what death actually is, we wouldn’t fear it. And when we don’t fear death, we can truly embrace life. Walsh also defines where fear comes from; the idea that we aren’t going to have something we need. When we understand that we don’t need anything, we literally have nothing to fear. Our fears cluster around everything, from money but most often show up in our relationships where Walsh tells us that we don’t actually need anyone else to experience who we are. He also explains that when we discover that we can meet all of our own needs and live without fear, we actually become more attractive to others.