1983 Past lives part 11

In this final section, the floor of the poultry shed is cleared and the markings that Gwen traced whilst in trance revealed. The regression expert talks about the different theories that are used to explain people’s ability to recall what appear to be past lives in trance. The level of accuracy in what the four women describe whilst in trance and what they discover when they are taken across oceans to visit places that they recall from past lives discounts the idea that it’s nothing more than fantasy. Nor can it be genetic memory, recollections passed through family DNA down the generations, as past life recollections include lives that don’t follow the same family trees. Nor can it be explained by people somehow coming up with details that they have come across through research, as many of the details shown in this documentary were only verified by records that aren’t open to the public. The narrator explores reincarnation and what it may mean. Finally, we see Jenny deep in trance, reliving what happened after she crossed over and experienced an emotional reunion with her father from her previous life.