Abraham Hicks – change your money story

In their usual hilarious and uplifting fashion, Abraham mirrors the kind of thoughts that can hold us back from manifesting abundance and shows us the way out. I say abundance rather than money as one of the key distinctions I always make is that often we focus on money when what we want is abundance and we think money is the way to get it. Money is one way to ensure abundance, but it’s not the only way and it’s always good to load up the possible ways that we can make our dreams come true. One of the stories I tell in the articles on my main site is about a friend who wanted a writing sabbatical somewhere gorgeous – and ended up as a night manager in a historic inn on a beautiful island with free accommodation to boot. Her days were free and all she had to do was be at the inn at night for late check ins and to solve any problems that came up, giving her plenty of time to finish her novel.