Deepak Chopra debates the hard question – can you find consciousness in the human mind?

Deepak Chopra and Stuart Hameroff MD describe and debate what has been called the ‘hard question’; what and where is thought in the mind? If you imagine an apple right now, various bits of your brain might light up, but where is that representation of the apple that you see in your mind’s eye? Recently I wrote an article posted on my main site on an astonishing piece of software developed that can take signals from the brain picked up by an fMRI machine and translate them into blurry images of what the person was imagining at the time. But even if that software could pick up that image of the apple you were thinking about and show it on a screen, it still couldn’t help scientists locate the you that is choosing to think about the apple. Fascinating developments in fascinating areas that still leave many unanswered questions!