Cleansing, charging and consecrating crystals

I came across this video from the fabulous Jen from A Broom and the Moon which is an information packed guide to cleansing, charging and consecrating crystals. I absolutely adore crystals and have them everywhere in my home and garden. One of my memories of my Italian psychic mother is of her tucking a piece of Tiger’s Eye beneath my pillow to protect me as I slept. many people believe that crystals amplify energy. There are general principles around cleansing, charging and consecrating any artefact we intend to use for ritual purposes, but as Jen points out, it’s also worth digging around and doing a bit of research on any one particular crystal. Not all of them like water, and some fade in direct light for example. Start with the crystals you feel drawn towards and research into their special properties. Even that can be amazingly revealing!