When you’ve tried everything and nothing works

In the The Empire Strikes Back, Jedi Master Yoda takes a despairing Luke Skywalker under his wing and teaches him how to use the force. By learning how to direct his mind, Luke learns how to harness the power within him. The film spawned hundreds of memorable quotes, but this one is good to come back to when you’ve tried everything and nothing works.
I beleive that we are all powerful creators and when we learn how to harness our energy, we can manifest amazing things. This deceptively simple quote is a doorway into a profound understanding of how we harness energy. We can pour it into looking back, what isn’t working, regrets, worry, fear or anything else that literally pulls us out of the present moment. When we pull it back and pour it into what we are doing, what we can do and the present moment, we tap into the abundance within the universe. Just for today, give up trying. Notice only what you are doing or not doing. See for yourself what transformation that brings.