Michele Knight reader Lisa W

Lisa is a hereditary psychic and medium and I am truly excited that she has joined us. She managed to get me on the phone and when I tested her I had no doubt I wanted her on my team. She delivered details about my personal life that were very specific, right down to telling me I was either going or about to go to the Breacon Beacons when only 2 or 3 days before I had emailed someone I know in the Breacon Beacons about places to stay! She’s an exceptional reader with the X Factor that is so hard to find.

“I have just had an amazing reading with Lisa W pin 2217 and she was WOW. she got the guy I had been involved with down to a T, the way he has behaved towards me the last few years and what is happening now. I was so amazed that she picked up on my healing abilities because this has been told to me many times over the last year and that is where my career change will come in. I am so impressed with this reading and would highly recommend a reading with this lovely gifted lady if you want to come away feeling positive and uplifted. She truly is an asset to your team Michele, I know I can now step forward into my future knowing that it is full of promise and good things. Thank you, Lisa W, for giving me this insight into my future.” Marie

“I had an amazing reading with Lisa W and would like to say a huge thank you to her. The information she gave me was really breathtaking. There was little to no input from me, she just started talking and, wow! Thanks Lisa.” Annabel