A story from the Tarot of Perfection by Rachel Pollack

The Tarot of Perfection is a collection of stories by one of the legends of the Tarot Pantheon, Rachel Pollack, who also wrote 78 Degrees of Wisdom. Here, the oddly named genius Mr. Creepy Pasta reads The Pickpocket’s Destiny from the book. If you love stories, check out Mr. Creepy Pasta’s youtube channel. If you love Tarot, check out Rachel Pollacks books. And for now, enjoy a story designed to help you discover the archetypal depths within the Tarot deck.
Harnessing your own creativity is a brilliant way to get beneath the skin of your Tarot deck. If you watch the show uploaded here where I taught presenter Jane Goldman how to give Tarot readings, you’ll see I encouraged her to paint her own version of the cards. Write your own stories, write music. Bring all of your senses in as you learn and you’ll never forget.